Snowy Christmas Centerpiece

Snowy Christmas Centerpiece
I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to find a really nice suitable Christmas centerpiece.  That could be because I am picky though, maybe a little too picky at times (but only sometimes!).  I like a centerpiece that can be easily moved about and can't be eaten by my cats.  I also like an eye-catching centerpiece that will draw everybody's attention when they enter my house.

I definitely know what I want and I have seen some absolutely gorgeous centerpieces in stores, but these centerpieces were much much too expensive for my pocketbook.  There are many different craft ideas for making your own centerpieces but this one really caught my eye.

This Snowy Christmas Centerpiece (pictured below) can easily be moved from place to place, it could be made in such a way that my cats wouldn't want to eat it, and it is very easy on the pocketbook.  On top of all that, it is beautiful and classy, yet easy to make.  I suggest you go to Big Red Kitchen right now to get the instructions and materials needed to make this drool-worthy centerpiece.

Snowy Christmas Centerpiece
picture courtesy of Big Red Kitchen

Can't you see this beautiful centerpiece sitting in your home this Christmas?  Remember to add your own personal touches as well.  You could use pine cones or walnuts, or you could tie a nice ribbon around the base of the vase.  Use your imagination and have fun.


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