Snow People

Snow People
Ok,October has come to an end, and Halloween is over. What in the name of heavens do you do with left over pumpkins?  I suggest you save them for Christmas.  Yes, I said Christmas.

After Halloween is over grab all the baby pumpkins you can and hold onto them.  You can make a Christmas decoration using these baby pumpkins, a very very cute, adorable Christmas craft.

I fell in love with this little Snow Person (pictured below) the moment I saw him/her.  It is so adorable and easy to make.  If you love this little Snow Person as much as I do then rush on over to a teaching heart to get the instructions and materials you will need.

Snow People
picture courtesy of a teaching heart

Isn't this little snow person adorable?  This is also a craft you could get your children to help with.  I'm sure they would love to paint the pumpkins and stick on the buttons (an adult should handle the glue gun though).

Don't forget to put your personal touches on this little snow person.  Think about using buttons for the eyes and nose, or using a little carrot for the nose.  What about using licorice or yarn for the mouth?  You could even try poking branches in the sides to make arms.  Think, think, think, there are a number of different ways to add your own personal touches.
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