scrappy ribbon wreath ornament {tutorial}

Yes, I'm still busy making up ornaments, neighbor gifts, and last minute tags for Christmas! I've always been a Last-Minute Lucy. I suspect a few of you are, too, so the next few days are for you. Sometimes procrastination pays off! Or if you're a planner, put the next few posts in your file for next year!

This simple wreath is made up of bits of leftover ribbon--the tiny scraps I can hardly bear to throw away (see my ribbon jars in this post). Here's a great way to use them up.

Scrappy Ribbon Wreath Ornament Tutorial

*Small scraps of ribbon or fabric strips
*Craft wire and wire cutters

1. Form your wire into a circle shape in the size you want your wreath to be. I bent mine around a glass that happened to be sitting on the table by me. Cut wire and wrap the ends together to secure.

2. Start tying your ribbon on. I tied some of mine with a double knot, and some with just one knot. This helps the ribbon ends go different directions, which I think looks better. But play around with it and see what you like best.

Keep scrunching the ribbons together and adding more until it's full. Then I cut my ribbon ends in a "V" to tidy them up.

4. Tie a longer piece around and tie in a knot to create a loop for hanging. These are darling on the Christmas tree, on top of a gift, or, if you made it larger, on a door or wall.

We also loved this fabric version of the scrappy wreath by Living the Swell Life (which is an adorable blog--if you don't know it you must spend a few hours there).

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