Napkin Wreath

Napkin Wreath
My mom is a huge fan of having a wreath hanging on her door.  She likes decorative wreaths that match every season.  But lordy lordy, some wreaths cost a fortune to buy!  A bargain hunter like me has had to walk away from numerous wreaths because they were just too pricey.

I should really learn how to make wreaths.  I love making crafts of all kinds and I could save myself some bucks by making my own wreaths.  I'm sure my mom would love to receive a wreath handmade by her oldest daughter too.

I know some wreaths can be difficult to make and some do require some kind of wreath-making experience but I assure you that this wreath (pictured below) is easy to make.  Not only is it easy to make but it is adaptable to every season so you won't have to make a new wreath for each season.  That definitely saves a crafter lots of time!  To see the instructions and materials needed to make this wonderful wreath go to Living Locurto.

DIY Napkin Christmas Wreath
photo courtesy of Living Locurto

Crafters tend to be creative by nature and that is a very important talent to have.  Be creative with this wreath.  It is adaptable so you can use any napkin design available.  Use a few different napkin designs in the same wreath, add some flowers or Christmas berries to it, experiment with the size of the wreath you make.  Crafts are open for personal interpretation so have fun and be creative.

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