Homemade Snowballs

Homemade Snowballs
Have you ever been decorating your home for Christmas and wished you just had that one special thing to complete the look?  I know I definitely have!  Have you ever thought about using snowballs as a decoration? They are made of snow just like snowmen, so why not incorporate them into your Christmas decor?

Do you think I am crazy?  Are you thinking, 'they'll melt, you fool!'  Well, think again.  I gave you a little hint above when I said that snowballs are made of snow just like snowmen.  Do we decorate our homes with snowmen?  We sure do.  Do these snowman decorations melt all over the house and make a mess?  No, they don't because they are not make of real snow.  These snowballs aren't made of real snow either, silly.

I think these snowballs (pictured below) would be an excellent addition to any Christmas decor.  They would be so easy to individually place anywhere in your home.  You just have to try this craft!  Go to Or So She Says to get the instructions and materials needed to make your very own snowballs that don't melt.

Homemade Snowballs
picture courtesy of Or So She Says

What do you think?  I see this can of snowballs sitting on a table by the door or on the floor in your porch.  They would also look great sitting on the counter in the bathroom or on the back of the toilet.  And what about your snowman decorations?  You could spread these snowballs around some of your snowmen, or even a Christmas village (depending on the size).  So many different possibilities!  Have fun adding this new decoration to you Christmas decor.

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