shirred bloomers (a.k.a. not a very exciting post)

I have a new favorite way of making bloomers/diaper covers:  elastic thread!

Do you hate making elastic casings, or is that just me?  Instead, I've been making bloomers out of jersey fabric and shirring the waist and leg openings with elastic thread. 

I use Dana's Perfect Diaper Cover pattern to cut the fabric (old t-shirts work great for this).  Before sewing the front and back pieces together, I sew two lines of elastic thread on the leg and three rows to the waist.  Then sew together at the sides and crotch and they are done, lickety-split.  You don't even have to fold over the seams on the openings, because jersey won't fray.  They take literally 10 minutes to make.  As a bonus, they are super stretchy, so I think they'll fit a long time.  Hurray for that.

That's all for today.  Hope you're having a great week!Thanks for subscribing!shirred bloomers (a.k.a. not a very exciting post)

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