viva la fiesta outfit

This weekend, the good people of Santa Barbara are enjoying Old Spanish Days, a.k.a. Fiesta - a celebration of the city's Spanish heritage.  Jared asked me to make Ruby a little outfit for his work party, and this is what I came up with:

It is not the traditional Fiesta dress he was hoping for, but I thought something casual would get more frequent wear.  Besides, it does include all the three most important elements of a great Fiesta outfit:

1.  LOTS of ruffles - the more the better
2.  vibrant color, especially red
3.  pretty flowers

check, check and ... check.  Mission accomplished!

  • The bloomers were made using Ruffle Fabric in Candy Cane and Dana's Perfect Diaper Cover pattern.  Before I sewed any seams, I serged all the cut edges of my Ruffle Fabric.  It really helped those wily ruffles stay in place and I didn't have to pin nearly as much.
  • I made the top from part of a men's t-shirt, using guidelines from Dana's Summer Vacation Dress pattern (notice a trend here?  I may have a favorite blogger).
  • The flower on the top and hair clip are made from the same t-shirt.  I cut long strips of connected scallops, and hand stitched them together in circular layers.

I'm off to eat copious amounts of churros.  Have a great weekend!Thanks for subscribing!viva la fiesta outfit

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