oven mitt hand puppet

A few weeks ago when I was making Monkey and Crocodile finger puppet sets (get your template HERE), I also made this guy:

It was supposed to be a crocodile, but looks more like a demented dragon to me.  I almost considered it a craft fail, but my kids LOVE him ... so there you go.  He'd look more like a crocodile with some eye bumps, I think.  And we'd have to do something about those teeth.  Hmm.

Anyway, I used Melanie's Oven Mitt Pattern from The Crafty Cupboard (a great pattern - I used it often this past Christmas for kitchen-themed gifts).

The green, brown, and orange-red fabrics are all jersey, and the teeth and eyes are made of white felt.  I fused a layer of fusible fleece interfacing to the green jersey and brown to give the body a little more stability.  And obviously, I cut the top pattern piece in half to add those pointy scales up the middle.

He is good for munching monkeys,

and little girls.

Hope you are all having a good week!  We've been playing non-stop with visiting family recently, and I had the sudden realization that I am moving in like two weeks.  Yikes.  Better get to work!  So if I am not around as much at the beginning of August, now you know why.  :)Thanks for subscribing!oven mitt hand puppet

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