the Really Big Bag

It was my mom's birthday last Friday (happy birthday, mom!).  I love making gifts to fulfill a need ... in this case, my mom was in need of a bag to take to the gym, and she is too wonderful to just use one of my brother's stinky old duffel bags.

I generally gravitate towards simple patterns (love a fast sew!) but I've had my eye on the Modern Diaper Bag from Amy Butler's book, Little Stitches for Little Ones, for a while.   One thing has been holding me back - the 52 pieces of fabric and interfacing it requires (52!!).  Amy Butler loves her interfacing.

But my mom is worth it. 

I am calling this the Really Big Bag because it is so gigantic.  While I love a sizable bag, there is no way I would carry this around town as a diaper bag.  It is better suited as a weekend bag, or a beach bag, and fingers crossed that it is not too big to take to the gym pool.

It was my first time tackling a magnetic clasp.  These are so easy!  I feel silly for avoiding them, and will probably include them on all of my totes from here on out.

The bag has 6 really big pockets inside.  My mom was happy that she'd be able to take her shampoo and stuff and still have room for a big towel.  I think the side pockets will be just right for a water bottle.

There was supposed to be a cell phone pocket on the outside, but the instructions were crazy confusing. The pocket was not pictured in any of the photos and without a diagram to guide me, I couldn't figure it out ... so it was left off.

All in all, I loved the result.  But this is definitely a one-time project.

Fabric: Heirloom Blockprint in Blossom Green by Joel Dewberry

In other birthday news, today is my husband's birthday.  So happy birthday, sweetie!  You are literally the best guy I know and I'm so glad to have you in my life.Thanks for subscribing!the Really Big Bag

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