happy valentine's day!

Hi friends!  Sorry I haven't been around much lately.  You know how some bloggers seem to be able to have a baby and barely skip a beat posting?  I am obviously not one of of those bloggers.

Having three small children is challenging for me, testing both my patience and my time management skills (I have very little of either).  And while Cora is evolving into a delightful baby, I find that I just don't have as much time for things.  I can squeeze in some sewing, or fit in a few minutes to blog, but not both.  Maybe that will change in the coming months?  I hope so.

Anyway, late last night I made some little valentines for the kids to pass out at their playgoup today.  I realize I'm too late to help you out with valentine ideas this year, but maybe you can file these away (pin them away?) for next year.

We opted for non-food valentines.  Oscar gave his friends bubbles with a tag that read, "Valentine, you make my heart float!" (idea from Dollar Store Crafts).  I found Miracle Bubble party packs (6 bottles) at CVS for $4 and made the tags with my Silhouette machine (the font is SNF School Yard).  Quick and easy!  The kids loved them.

For the little ladies, I made a handful of felt heart hairpins and a cute little valentine girl to clip them to.  I saw the idea a while back on Stitch/Craft.  I even used the same clip art she mentions in her post, but used microsoft paint to edit the face a bit (I actually used two clip art faces and traded a few facial features).

The felt heart clips right onto the girl's headband, and the valentine is on the back.  It was cute to see all the girls running around in their matching clips.  I sported one myself!

I hope you had a special day with your loved ones!  Speaking of loved ones, look how big this one is getting ...

Thanks for subscribing!happy valentine's day!

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