Who's got the Bag ?!

I do !
I'm so excited :) I got my custom rubber stamps from Sarah of Ahueofduckeggblue... They came all the way from Greece and are mounted on sustainably harvested olive wood. So beautiful !

These graphics are being used on the packaging for my dried organic apple and pears which will be introduced shortly into the Brizel4TheAnimals shop as treats for critters and their persons too.
Here's what the test bags look like... my friend Laura of PurrfectGifts printed up the Brizel stickers for me and got them cut down to size too.
Don't it all look great ?

On top of it, I'm really pleased with these bags- made from 40% recycled natural kraft paper and lined with a film that is also compostable. impressive, no ?

I dont have it all figured out tho and have some unresolved challenges... 
Firstly, the dried fruit is denting/scuffing up that nice crisp window. (oh no)
Second... now that i have the product packaging labeled- how the heck do i ship that out- in a padded envelop or in a box ? 
The latter will certainly jack up the cost... but if i ship them out in a padded envelop it's liable to arrive 'smushed'... that will not look good at all and will most certainly breach the sanctity of a sealed package.
As a relevant aside, when I buy treats for the dogs, the company always ship them out in a box... shipping, however, is always 'free' so perhaps I should include shipping in my prices too ?
So... should i put the fruit in a ziplock bag and ship that out with an empty kraft bag to maximize safe arrival... then the client can then drop the goodies in a fresh un-adulterated bag ? 
Or... should i just ship it out in the bag and in a small box, either first class or in a priority flat rate box ?
What do you think ?

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