Brizel's Organic Dried Apple Treat samplers are out & about !

Brizel's Organic Dried Apple Treat samplers were sent out last week... a snack bag full... mailed out to companion critters of the rat, chinchilla, rabbit, squirrel, chipmunk persuasion as well to equine and aviary pets too.

Our first test sample arrived in Montana ahead of the others... home of Tooey and his person: Patty of CatCalls and DogBarks.... here is what the magnificent guinea pig reports...

... if you want to hear what they are saying...
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Organic Dried Apple Treats will shortly be available at Brizel4TheAnimals on Etsy... as soon as I get all the packaging / labeling together. 
I have just received the bags which the apple treats will be packaged in- they are like a coffee bag, eco made & biodegradable too (just in case the pet gets a hold of the bag). 
Pls note: I will not be doing plastic ziplock bags- i only did that with the sample testers... sadly i understand that plastic bags can be detrimental to our fur friends so we wont be taking that risk.
Eco-friendly Kraft Tin Tie Window bagsavailable thru TheJoyFulCup
I'm hoping by October 1st at the latest, I can get these yummy Organic Dried Apple Treats listed into Brizel4TheAnimals and by the way... these ARE a treat your critter can share with YOU as they are human grade !
Yum yum - nibble nibble !xo

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