A Few Words.....And Some Halloween Inspiration!!

I wanted to take a few moments and explain why I've not been around much lately.....
First, I hope you all know how much I LOVE this blog and all of you GREAT readers out there! You guys are what keeps me blogging/crafting late at night when I should be sleeping (really, I should be....)
Next, I wanted to tell you all the real reason I have been MIA so much (gasp!), well aside from the fact that there are 3 cute little girls always running around here that keep me pretty occupied.
So, I've mentioned before that I get migraines....and they suck (for lack of a better.....PG-rated word)!! Well, what I didn't say was that I get them all.the.time. Like several days each week....and recently they have gotten worse and more frequent. (if you don't know what migraines are, here's a pretty good breakdown, but I have never had an "aura" with mine.....so needless to say I'm jealous, cuz they sound pretty freakin' cool!).
Anyhoo, typically mine start with a regular headache for several hours and then advance in to full-blown migraine attack, where I need to sprinkle a box of cereal on the kitchen floor and turn on Phineas & Ferb to keep my girls happy while I retire to my closet and lay on the floor and just try to sleep it off and keep my feet against the door to keep my kids out when they run out of cereal....or till the baby has a poopy diaper....whichever comes first. Ok, I'm not really THAT neglectful.....but you get the picture. The migraine part is also usually followed by another headache or just where I feel crappy and tired for another few hours.....such a treat!
I do take a daily medicine to (cross-my-fingers) keep them away and then a medicine to stop them when they do decide to bless me with their presence....and that second one works well enough IF I catch it early enough, so, thankfully (hallelujah!) they don't always progress to the migraine attack part.
So, there it is.....I still think of you all very often and will continue to post whenever I am able or not prying my older 2 children off the baby....cuz they "just love her so much, mommy" or keeping my now-walking toddler from running (yeah, that walking-to-running thing happens FAST!) over and getting the child-safe scissors from the craft table and putting them straight into her mouth. And then, blah, blah, blah, blah.......
Ok, enough boring stuff and onto the the good stuff!!
Here are some Halloween crafts I did in the past that still garner a pretty good following and will hopefully get your creative juices flowing in time for the long-awaited, candy-filled, sugar coma night (I will post new stuff soon!):

Glowing Jack O' Lanterns and Monsters These have been SO wildly popular since I posted about them last year....and anyone can see why. Cheap, easy and they glow!!

Spooky Cupcake GhostiesThis also has a recipe for super-easy homemade fondant so you and yours little ghouls can make your own! 

Halloween Countdown BlocksWhats better to foster anticipation than letting your kiddos count down each.and.every.day.

Glass Halloween BlocksSo, can I tell you how much I LOVE finding craft supplies at Home Depot or Lowes....this is one example....

Super Yummy EyeballsMmmmmm, what more can I say?
Okie dokie, so get out there and make up some of your own ghostly goodies to display around your home!!
Have fun!!

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