A Few Last Halloween Ideas.....

Ok, so anyone game for 2 last great Halloween projects.....for next year, of course. But still fun to look at and keep in mind for later :)

For this project, I was inspired by Shelley of House of Smiths and her supa-cute Halloween subway art she showed here!!
So, I decided to make one to add to our Halloween decor stash this year (I like to add something each year).

I got myself a perfectly nice frame at the thrift store for a few buckaroos (just like Shelley) and painted it white (I always like to use primer first to make sure it sticks well)
Then, after cleaning the glass thoroughly, I applied my words to the back (it was cut out backwards), popped the glass back into the frame with a nice kraft paper background.......

Ta da!!!
Totally cute, right?

Next up, I just fancied up a cute jar for some spooky gummy worms.
I found this SWEET blog Love Manor and they had some spooky and realistic-looking Halloween labels that I HAD to use!

So, I printed one up and then dirtied it up a bit around the edges and used my Terrifically Tacky Tape to stick it to this cute jar and then added some yummy wiggly worms to it.

Okie dokie, one last idea while I've got you all here.....
My friend Chanelle told me about the "Halloween Fairy" at their house and I thought that was a fantastic was to get all that candy OUT of the house AND still keep the kiddos happy. 
So, after they get home and look through their stash, they get to pick out a few pieces to keep (5-10ish) and then put the rest under their pillow (or at the foot of their beds since it's supa hard to get that from under a sleeping kid's head). 
Then, the Halloween Fairy comes and leaves them a present and takes away ALL THAT CANDY outta the house and the kiddos LOVE IT!!! They even tell all their friends about it.....and when their friends tell them they haven't heard of the Halloween Fairy, it just makes them think they are so special to be the only ones ;)
Hope you all have a spooky and safe All Hallows Eve this year and be sure to come back on Monday for a Supa Special giveaway I will be hosting!!!! Don't forget!
Have fun!

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