Sea Glass Christmas Ornaments

Sea Glass Christmas Ornaments
I adore sea glass.  I will walk any beach for miles at a time looking for sea glass.  Sea glass hunting is one of my most favourite things to do in the summer.  I have collected a huge amount of sea glass too!  My plan has always been to make crafts using my sea glass.  I don't want to make jewelry though, that's just not my craft style.  I want to make things like mirrors, tables, picture frames, Christmas ornaments, and whatever else I can think of. 

I was really excited and pleased when I stumbled across this craft  because it involves sea glass.  For instructions and materials needed to make this craft please visit Handmade Holidays.

Look at those ornaments!  Look at how beautiful they are.  They would look stunning on a Christmas tree with the Christmas lights reflecting off the glass.  Outstanding!  They would also make terrific Christmas gifts for all those people who don't live by the ocean but deeply miss it.

These ornaments could also be displayed in a multitude of ways, just use your imagination.  I think they would look great hanging on the tree, or put together in a basket.  They would also look great hanging in a window.  Don't miss out on this craft idea!  Be sure to visit the link above to get the instructions on how to make these gems.

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