Ruffly Felt Wreath

Ruffly Felt Wreath
I am going to go out-of-bounds a little with this craft.  It is a beautiful, ruffly craft that can be done at a good price, it will be easy to do, but it will probably take some time and patience to make.  The end result will definitely be worth it though.
Do you have a little time on your hands?  Are you feeling patient?  Then head on over to Design Sponge to get the instructions and materials you will need to make this great wreath.

photo courtesy of Design Sponge

Doesn't this wreath look fantastic?  It has such a cool texture to it when it is finished.  This wreath could be used any time of the year too.  
Add some creative touches of your own.  Add some berries, little red bows, or garland.  Consider hanging something on the inside of the wreath (like a bell or holly). You could also use different colors of felt  to make it Christmasy. 
It is all yours so add your own personal touches to it.  Don't be shy, get creative!
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