Glass Block Snowman

Glass Block Snowman
I visited a friend of mine and I noticed she had a vase with Christmas lights in it.  The Christmas lights were turned on and the display was gorgeous.  Something as easy as putting Christmas lights in a vase created a beautiful decoration, and I had never thought of it.  Isn't it funny how some of the simplest things make the best inventions?   
This craft (pictured below) runs along the same lines as the Christmas lights in a vase.  A bonus to this craft is that it is a snowman (for all you snowman enthusiasts)!  Go to The Other White House for the instructions and materials needed to make this beautiful craft.
Glass Block Snowman
photo courtesy of The Other White House

When I look at this craft I picture myself sitting in my living room with all the lights turned off except for this little fella.  Can't you imagine sitting in a dark room, relaxing with a glass of wine while listening to Christmas music, and looking at this gorgeous little guy?  Gee, that image makes me long for Christmas.
Try to add some personal touches to the craft to make it your own.  Try putting a hat on the snowman, or maybe a scarf.  Or perhaps sprinkle some fake snow at the base.  Use your imagination and go wild.  Most of all, have fun making this craft and enjoy it once it's done.
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