Christmas Mini Banners

Cross Stitch Christmas Banners are really fast and easy decorations or gifts!

These adorable little banners can be placed throughout your home or even added as a Christmas tree ornament.  

Cross Stitch is such an easy embroidery stitch, that really anyone can learn to create beautiful pictures, home decorations, bookmarks, magnets, etc. The ideas truly are limitless!

I ll tell you one of my little secrets. I purchase the kits with the patterns that I really like and then I cross stitch the picture on different items. You really don t have to be restricted to the kit. Once you have the pattern, you can create your own unique cross stitch decoration.

With this set of 9 banners, you could make several Christmas gifts for friends and family and still have a few left to keep for yourself.

Everything needed to complete these banners is in the kit, including the hangers!  

Purchase this Kit: CHRISTMAS MINI BANNERS Cross Stitch Kit Bells Santa NEW

Learn to Cross Stitch: How to Cross Stitch
Christmas Mini Banners

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