Yummy Fall-ish Brownie Pops

So, I survived our CRAZY, busy weekend (with a whole bunch of fun complications.....like our EZ-up was blown over while I were setting up at the Fall Festival and broke.....in 2 places!!)

 Now that we've recuperated a little, I really want to post these super-cute, yummy brownie pops I made last week!!!

Check these lovelys out!!! Don'cha wish the internet was interactive??

Anyhoo, I found this awesome square pan at Wally World awhile back and HAD to get it!! I knew it would be fantastic to use for fun treats.

Well, I whipped up a batch of yummy chocolate fudge brownies, and baked 'em up in this pan. Make sure to grease it and maybe a light dusting of flour too.......it makes it much easier to get these puppies out!

Once they are baked, cooled, and out of the pan......melt down some creamy choc. chips or candy melts. I like to use a double-boiler, since I can keep the chocolate melted the whole time.....but the microwave will work great too. You will just need to re-melt a few times. 

Now, pop some wooden popsicle sticks in the brownie squares (I like to dip the ends of the sticks in chocolate first to help weld them to the inside of the brownie) and dip your brownies into the melty chocolate of your choosing (I like milk choc with brownies, yum!)

While it's still wet, sprinkle on the adorable sprinkles you (or your kiddos) picked out and place on a piece of parchment paper to dry. You can also speed up the process by throwing them in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

As you can see, my kids hated them.......

These are also great to wrap up and give as little treats to your VT sisters.....or neighbor gifts!!

Have fun!

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