How To Share In Kindergarten

Well, I'm so proud of my sweet kindergartner, Aislyn......and how well she shares. So I thought I'd brag a little to you all.

So, this is what her typical snack might look like..... this if daddy is in charge that morning (he tries to buy their loves with treats).

Anyways, I digress......

So, Aislyn came to me one day after school last week and told me "Guess what mom!? My friend shared her Cheez-it's with me today!..........She gave me the whole bag, even!"

For some reason, Cheez-it's are a prized delicacy in my house.

So, of course I replied "Wow, that was so nice of her to share her yummy snack with you!"

Not to be outdone by her friend, she went on with :

"Then, I let her take a turn with my toothbrush......"

Ummmmmmm, what???

It took me a minute to process this info while my sweet 5 year-old was patiently waited for the loads of praise surely coming her way....

...with a great big expectant smile on her face.....

So, I pulled her close to me and hugged her and gently explained "honey, that was SO nice of you to share with your friend.....but, remember we aren't supposed to share things like toothbrushes with other people....."

Apparently, she didn't like the way this conversation was headed, so she backpedaled a bit and said very seriously, "Actually mom, I was just kidding.....I didn't really share my toothbrush."

Add fibbing to her list of skills too.......

Don't you just LOVE kindergarten?

Have fun!!

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