yarn-wrapped letters - made cheaper than cheap

I love the yarn-wrapped letter trend that seems to be so popular these days, but I can be a total cheapskate.  So when I went to make some word art for the kids' playroom, I made my own from scratch.

Instead of buying cardboard letter forms from the craft store, I cut my own out of foam board.  To make a template, simply find a font you like in MS Word (or a similar program), and print it out as large as you'd like your letter.  I used the font "Rockwell," in bold (not to be confused with "Rockwell Bold", which was a little too chunky for my taste). To get really big letters, you can print out multiple pages or get them blown up at a copy shop.

Then wrap, wrap, wrap your letters in yarn, until they are completely covered.  Use dabs of hot glue in the corners and around edges to keep the yarn in place.

As a bonus, the foam board letters are really thin and lightweight, and which helps them hang flat against the wall.  I hot glued round picture hangers I had on hand to the back of each letter to hang.

My letters got a lot tidier with practice, so if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.  I made this big letter G for our mantel using a thinner yarn and a little more patience.

So far, I've used less than a full piece of foam board and all other materials I've had on hand ... so this project is coming in under $2.   Not bad for a bit of DIY decor!Thanks for subscribing!yarn-wrapped letters - made cheaper than cheap

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