superhero gear

Wham! Pow! When Oscar's buddy had a birthday last week, I couldn't fight the urge to whip up a little superhero gear.  And I do mean whip up ... with the help of some cooperative kids, I was able to make this set in one morning.

First up, a quick cape!  Using one of my kid's capes from the dress-up box as the pattern, I traced the cape shape onto one piece of fabric, cut it out, and trimmed it with bias tape.  The velcro closure is topped with the birthday boy's initial to personalize it a bit.

(As a side note, I have totally been converted to making my own bias tape now that I've learned the continuous bias tape method.  Check out this tutorial on Aesthetic Nest ... it will blow your mind!)

The rest of the ensemble was made with a lot of help from the far reaches of the internet.  The superhero mask was made using the tutorial by Hazelnuts and the power cuffs were from the tutorial by See Kate Sew on The Train to Crazy.  The silver fabric is pleather and works great for these projects, because like felt, it does not fray.

On the back of the cape, I added a lightning bolt using the applique patterns from The Long Thread.

Happy birthday, Merrick!  We hope it was super. Thanks for subscribing!superhero gear

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