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Oscar is a Halloween kid through and through.  He waffled on his costume selection at first (bat, pirate, star wars guy), but eventually he had only one request: a pumpkin! 

When I asked him to try on his costume for a photo, he said, "wait! I need a pumpkin.  It looks just like me."  So cute.

The hat was made using Delia Create's hat-ette tutorial.  It was so fast and easy to put together (literally less than a half hour!) and totally completes the look.  I used elastic instead of a ribbon tie, because I wanted it to be quick to put on and take off.

For the felt pumpkin suit, I used the Rollie Pollie bean bag pattern from MADE, with the small bag pattern pieces scaled down slightly.  The zipper in the pattern makes the costume really easy to get in and out of.  Instead of adding the top and bottom pieces, I made an elastic casing.   I cut arm holes in the side, and edged them with "bias" tape made from felt.   The arm holes are cut a little too large, but you can't win them all.

Or maybe you can?

For the actual costume day, he's going to wear and orange t-shirt and his green legging pj pants underneath, and we are going to stuff the pumpkin to fill it out a bit.

I am also going to be a pumpkin, but don't require any stuffing in my costume.  Only 3 weeks to go before baby girl #2 arrives.  :)

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