{last mintue christmas decorations} 3D paper star wreath tutorial

I had a bunch of this pretty Christmas paper left over from last year (it's Making Memories' Mistletoe line), so I decided to use it up before I didn't love it anymore. I've been meaning to make a star wreath for ages, and after seeing a friend's 3D stars lining the wall on her staircase (super cute idea, by the way), I decided to try them out. Easy and darling! Here's how to make a 3-D paper star wreath for yourself.

3-D Paper Star Wreath Tutorial

*Patterned papers
*Scoring tool (scoring board, bone folder, or stylus)
*Hot glue gun
*Wreath form (I cut my own out of chipboard, but you could use a wooden one from the craft store)
*Buttons, brads, and ribbon

1. Cut stars approximately 3" to 4" wide using a template or die cutting machine. I would've used my Silhouette, but it's on the fritz, so I used my trusty Slice machine. You could also trace a template. I used 12 stars, but you may use more or less depending on the size of your wreath.

2. Score a line from the top of each point straight down to the inside point. Do this for each of the five points.

3. Fold on each line. First, fold each line with wrong-sides of the paper together.

4. Then fold the short lines between points in the opposite direction to give your star dimension.

Repeat this for all stars. Aren't they cute?

5. Optional: embellish stars centers with buttons, brads, or rhinestones. I hot glued mine on.

6. I didn't want my white wreath form to show, so I covered it with green stars, cut just 1/2" smaller. This is also optional, especially if your wreath form is narrower or you have more stars. You can always overlap your big stars.

7. Apply glue to the inside points on the back and hot glue to wreath form.

8. Create a ribbon hanger with a piece of ribbon, and if you're froofy like me, you can add a big, fluffy bow or two. Glue to the back of wreath.

Hang and enjoy!

These 3D stars are also great as ornaments. Just glue a ribbon hanger to the back! You could also glue another star to the back to make it a little sturdier and more 3-D.

I also use them as gift tags. Or gift tags that are also ornaments!


Shan said...

I can't believe you don't have any comments on this post yet!?? This is a wonderful tutorial and I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for sharing. I found it on pinterest and will be pinning it myself. ;) Merry Christmas! Shan from Family Brings Joy

Holly Taggart said...

Just made these and love them!

Pollux said...

I love it, too. Finishing up my Xmas stars wreath.