Super Duper Cute and Easy Clothespin Magnets

Holy cow! It's been SO hot here the last week-ish. We've just been hiding inside or searching for other activities to do indoors and I'm trying REALLY hard to refrain from crankin' the A/C till it snows in here. Good thing the older 2 get to hang out in nice air-conditioned school each day, hee hee.

Anyhoo, I wanted to show you all these really cute magnets that are also incredibly strong, so they can actually hold lots of papers, photos, and stuff. Plus, they're made outta clothespins!! Sweet huh? Do I need to remind you all how much I am infatuated with magnets? ok, let's get on with the cuteness, then.

Just start off with a bunch of wooden clothespins and take 'em all apart (super easy~peasy......just don't pinch your fingers).

Spray paint the pieces with white paint.....or you can hand paint them too! They are very lightweight, so I used painters tape to stick them to a piece of scrap wood before I sprayed. Paint both sides and let those puppies dry well & then put 'em all back together......I like to do this while I watch t.v., since it's kind of monotonous. (Ha! look at me using big words!! And spelling them right the first time!)

So, now you have some pretty white clothespins.....what to do next? Oh yeah, make them even prettier!!

So, now pick out your cute paper and cut strips the same size as your clothespins. Then, using your finger,  spread a thin layer of glue on the paper (make sure it covers it completely), and press it in place. I like to use Aleene's Tacky glue for the thicker paper to make sure they stick well.

Once those are dry, spread a layer of Mod Podge on top to seal can just use your finger for this part too, it's easier than a brush.

Next glue a super~strong magnet to the back (they are called neodymium and you can get them from Sun & Moon Crafts on Etsy)......and......

The pink and green papers are Basic Grey & the other is My Mind's Eye. You can whip some of these cuties for any holiday too!

Now you have some very pretty magnets that will hold a lot of weight for you. These are great for bag clips too or holding cute pics of your kiddos.

Have fun!!

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