oh where, oh where have i been?

I know . . . I know . . . I've been MIA for far too long.  As you know, I've been moving.  I was hoping to be up and running here with crafty projects and more, but this moving thing has been totally zonked.  I still don't have all the boxes unpack, and we've been in our new home/town/state for four weeks now.  Not good!  Plus my front room is completely bare . . . well, that's not true . . . there is a piano sitting in the middle of the room . . . but other than a lonely old piano . . . it is completely bare.

Not only have I been MIA from the blog, but I've been MIA from your blogs, from my e-mail, from facebook, from the internet almost entirely.  So boo to me! 

I'm going to slowly get back into the blogging routine again, so I won't be posting daily like I did before the mover . . . for the time being anyway.  And I'm going to slowly get back in contact with many of you as well.  I've missed you!

Craft on!

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sertac kaya said...

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