Doily Lantern

Doily Lantern
Have you ever wanted to run down the middle of the road waving your arms and screaming?  You know, just to shake things up.  I like to shake things up every once in a while.  So today I have a craft that is different from all the other crafts I have posted so far.
This craft will be easy to do but it will take some drying time, so it won't necessarily be a quick craft.  However, I don't mind this kind of craft because it takes a short time to actually construct, it is just drying time that takes a while and I don't have to sit and watch the craft dry.
This craft (pictured below) was posted as a Spring craft but I think it would be beautiful for Christmas as well.  Go to Glamour & Grace to find the instructions and the materials you will need to make this very pretty craft.
Doily Lantern
photo courtesy of Glamour & Grace

Aren't these Doily Lanterns delightful?  I can definitely see them set out as a centerpiece like this except with poinsettias or Christmas boughs and red berries.   You could probably put a coloured tea light candle, like red or green, inside the lantern.
Do you have a lot of imaginative ideas for this craft?  How about putting sparkles on the lantern?  You could even try using different coloured doilies.  Also, put a ribbon on the doily ball and use it as a Christmas ornament.
Come on, shake things up a little.  Let your creative juices flow and add your own touches to this beautiful craft.

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