Candy Cane Wreath

Candy Cane Wreath
Mmmmmm, I am thinking about all the goodies that come along with Christmas.  I don't mean the presents either.  I am talking about all the wonderful home made yummies for our tummies.  
Other than the home made yummies, there is another treat that is associated with Christmas -- candy canes.  Now-a-days there are a whole bunch of different coloured candy canes and different flavoured candy canes, but my favourite remains the traditional red and white candy cane.
Candy canes can also be used as decoration.  I have seen candy canes hung on the Christmas tree and attached to a present.  This use for candy canes is one I have never seen before, but I absolutely love it.Never in a million years did I think of constructing a wreath using candy canes.  What a tremendous idea!  If you would like to make this Candy Cane Wreath (pictured below) please visit Beverly's to get the instructions and materials you will need.

Candy Cane Wreath
photo courtesy of Beverly's

This candy cane wreath is cheap to make, quick to make (other than waiting for the glue to dry), and easy to make.  This would be an awesome craft to do with children (as long as an adult handled the glue).
This wonderful wreath could be hung anywhere in the house.  It would also make a great gift!  It would be much nicer to present someone with this terrific candy cane wreath than a handful of candy canes.
When I look at this wreath ideas just flow through my head.  There are so many personal touches you could add.  How about little red bows glued on top of the red ribbon, red berries glued around the inner circle of the wreath, or maybe even glue some wrapped chocolates on, or use different coloured candy canes.  Use your imagination and have fun creating your own personal candy cane wreath.
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