Gnome Hat Kawaii crochet/knit (´ ? )

I got an opportunity to try this ICE Magic Wool Bulky Yarn from Benang ?
Very beautiful Bulky yarn.

Fiber Content : 30% Wool, 70% Acrylic Needle Size : 6 mm. / US 10 Color : Camel, Cream, Orange Weight : 100 gr. / 3.53 oz. per ball Length : 120 m. / 131.2 yds. per ball Yarn Thickness : 5 Bulky: Chunky, Craft, Rug
Me kind a big fan ? Bulky yarn kipas susah mati. Super quick project.I tried to knit and crochet for Gnome hat using the same yarn. Making 1Y crochet gnome and 6M knit gnome hat and still got an extra yarn. I know what to do with the extra.Dishcloth....wakakakaka...? Adult Gnome hat in process.


This one is a crochet Gnome headgear and It turn out great.
Thank you
for the yarns. This is my second reviewed about ICE yarn @
Croc Purse.
 Then I remembered using the ICE Mohair-Wool Blend Turquoise Green Blue - to make the lipstick purse. That it's a different textures between Alpaca yarn.  Mohair yarn is come from a goat called Angora which is not a soft yarn, compared to Alpaca. Alpaca produce a soft & warm yarn.
Angora it's originate from Tibet - Turkey. In 1849, this Angora come to America as a gift from Turkey.
Fuh, Malaysia should have this handsome goat. So we can produce our own yarn as well.

 This is a cute Alpaca video - Star wars marching.  So funny. No wonder Alpaca yarn is so soft, See the face of that kambing. Super cute. Dapat 2 ekor macho Alpaca jadi lah letak belakang rumah. Sambil jaga kambing boleh mengait. Penternak kambing berjaya. Tapi kalau ada Alpaca belakang rumah tak sampai hati nak cabut bulu dia. Too cute. hahaha cabut know what I mean. Cabut kening dia sahaja lah. @(?.?)@

Weeeee!! After penat. Reward Zaraceri jalan-jalan with the Gnome Hat. Enjoy.

Tutorial how Gnome eating Mushroom Soup. Kedekut style. Kwek kwek. ?(öd7?öd7)?

I found this gnome tutorial by Lorajean Mag.
Try to make one for your kids ya!
Sincerely, Lina A.R ?.?????.?Gnome Hat Kawaii crochet/knit (´  ? )

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