Crochet Along Slippers Easy as ABC

  Me & Da'knit crochet along using this lovely Free pattern from ZoomYummy. Thanks to Petra for her lovely pattern. It's really easy and only take a few minutes to make.
Because of limited of wool yarn, I decided to redesign the pattern to fit kaki budak kecik little Zaraceri. I called this Kecincirot Slippers.
Size: 6M-1Y
Total weight yarn used for this size: 20gram.
Front Slipppers Yarn: Magic Wool DeLuxe
Color : Brown, Green, Yellow
Main Color : Multicolor
Brand : KUKA
BUY Yarn @ :

Back Slippers Yarn: Wool Yarn
Color: Dark Red
Buy Yarn @ : Daiso

Using a long string, I tight a ribbon front of the slippers. ??????. Lovely.Crochet Along Slippers Easy as ABC

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