World Environment Day Contest WINNERS!

We have WINNERS!

The five winners of our World Environment Day Contest are:

Shaya Y!
When making cards, I try to reduce the amount of paper I use by measuring pieces that I need so I do not end up cutting off pieces after they are adhered. I also look through other cards that my family has given me and if there is a nice picture or ribbon attached to the card that I like, I take those and use them for my own projects! I recycle the pieces of cardstock that I don't use instead of throwing it away. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Reduce: I like magazines with craft ideas and I prefer the downlodable versions instead of the printed issues. ?Reuse: When I made cards or other papercrafts, saved every small pieces, what can I use for an other project. I collect items around my household what I use for my projects (for example: can opener pieces, plastic wraps for embellishments).?Recycle: Same than other parts of the house, collect separetly the paper, plastic or other recyclabe junks.?I like this contest, because I'm sure I can learn new ideas the other crafters' notes.:-)


Reducing, reusing and recycling is such a common activity for me it is almost like breathing! Paper scraps just keep getting smaller and smaller as they are incorporated into new projects before finally being sent to recycling. Wrapping paper gets reused or images are cut out and used on cards and the remainder is recycled. Those plastic containers that four pounds of strawberries come in are great storage containers complete with lids. Dryer sheets are cut with dies, colored with sprays or ink pads and used as embellishments like flowers, or not cut and used as card backgrounds. I once found a roll of orange electrical tape along the road while walking and used it on cards like washi tape. I could go on all day, but I need to "reduce" and leave some words for others. LOL

Jammie Housten!

I love recycled crafts. Here are some of the stuff that I recycle. I use toilet paper rolls for tag pockets or gift card holders, cardboard boxes from food products as chipboard, tin cans for storage, rapping paper for back ground pagesand flower making, gift bags for re-gifting, I make tags out of stamp packaging. 5X9 envelopes that come in the mail into min albums, and for my big finish I take all my scraps (that can burn, yes even chipboard) that I can t even get a 1x1 inch squire out of it. Put in a bucket, mix in news paper that we get from the mail inserts. Add water and let it set for over night. Then take handfuls of the mix and put it into a paper log maker (Look this up on line any one can do it.) To make paper logs for our winter fire place, this saves trees and we are not cold.

Barbara Pitts!

I plan my Silhoutte cuts (and use my Gypsy to plan Cricut cuts) to minimize paper wastage. I use unexpected materials in my crafting, like my son's jeans that just became a size too small and are too ripped to pass along. And, most importantly, while crafting, I drink several cups of coffee from the same mug (in succession, of course!).

Winners, please send your shipping information to within 30 days to claim your prize.

Happy crafting!

World Environment Day Contest WINNERS!

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