Welcome to the wedding festivities!

Welcome to the wedding festivities! 
This registry will allow Oh My Crafts and Crop Chocolate customers to get to know each site and help us register with each other!

1) Go to www.cropchocolate.com
and create a profile (current CC customers you are welcome to participate too, just use your existing account).
      - You will find the log-in button on the top right hand corner of the screen
      - Click there to begin the process

2) Once you have created an account go back to the main page and scroll over the icons. You will come across a box of chocolates. This is where the news of the day and the chat will take place.

      - Make a comment on one of the existing threads or create your own

3) Travel on over to Facebook and like Oh My Crafts fan page

      - If you do not have a facebook account you can still participate by making a comment on Oh My Crafts Blog

                   (We would love it if you would do both!)

4) Email
contest@ohmycrafts.com that you have completed the registry.
      - You will be emailed a promo code worth $5 of crop credits (Crop Chocolates form of online money or in other words a gift certificate to be used on the site). 

Happy crafting!

Welcome to the wedding festivities!

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