Lace Valentine Hearts

By: Heidi Borchers of Inspired at Home
Create three different lace hearts, one filled
with potpourri, for decorating or gift-giving
this Valentine’s Day. These lace hearts look
would lovely as ornaments hung in your
Materials: (for all items shown)
? For each: Aleene’s Super Thick Tacky
? Pattern
For potpourri heart:
? Lightweight cardboard: 1 (7?) square
? Batting: 1 (7?) square
? Fabric-Moiré: pink 2 (7-¼?) square
? Lace: White 2 (5-½?) square
? Potpourri
? Lace Trim: pre-gathered white ¾? wide
18? length
? Ribbon Satin: burgundy 1/8? wide- 28?
? Florist wire:26gauge 3? length
? Silk Flowers and leaves
? Metallic thread: gold 10? length
For small heart:
? Lightweight cardboard: 1 (4?) square
? Batting: 1 (4?) square-
? Fabric: Moiré pink 1 (5?) square
? Lace: White 1 (5?) square
? Lace Trim: pre-gathered- ½? wide- 12?
? Ribbon-Satin: Mauve- ¼? wide- 13?
For lace heart:
? Florist wire:19 gauge- 18? length
? Ribbon: satin-pink-½? wide- 1 yard
? Lace: ecru beige 5-½? square
? Lace Trim: pre-gathered ecru beige 1?
wide 20? length
? Ribbon: satin ecru beige ¼? wide 26?
? Florist wire: 26 gauge 3? length
? Roses: 3 pink Leaves: 10 green
For potpourri heart, transfer large heart
pattern to cardboard and batting and cut out.
Transfer small heart pattern to center of
cardboard heart and cut out. Repeat with
batting. Set small heart cutouts aside to
make small heart (see step below*). Using
cardboard heart as a guide, transfer pattern
to 1 (71/4?) pink moiré fabric and cut out,
adding ¾? all around to inside and outside
edges. Glue large batting heart to one side of
large cardboard heart. Let dry.
With batting side down, center and glue
cardboard heart to wrong side of moiré
fabric heart. Fold excess fabric around
inside and outside edges to cardboard,
clipping curves as needed, and glue in place.
Let dry.
Transfer small heart pattern to each 5-½?
lace square and cut out, adding ¾? all
around. Center and glue edges of one lace
heart to back of fabric covers heart to cover

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