I-Spy Bags

I-Spy bags are nothing new, but I thought they would be the perfect addition to my kid's Easter baskets this year.  After all, there is only so much candy a mom can hand off to her toddlers in good conscience, and we can bring them to church for a quiet activity.

The construction was simple - I cut a 6 inch square of clear plastic and 2 inch strips of fabric, and sewed them together in a log cabin quilt block.  The resulting block measured approximately 8 inches square.  For the back, I cut 3 8-inch squares: 1 for the lining (so the inside would look pretty under the filling), 1 for the back, and 1 for the pocket (fold in half).  I also interfaced the back piece with fusible fleece.   When sewing the plastic, insert a piece of tissue paper underneath so it doesn't stick to your sewing machine.

I found many of the trinkets around the house, but supplemented by purchasing a grab bag from High Pie Supply.  They sent me a great mix!  The poly pellets can be found at your local craft store, usually with the poly-fil stuffings and pillow forms.

I took a photo of each bag's trinkets and printed them on a little card to stick in the back pocket.  The cards are also backed 2 pieces of cardstock, so they are nice and thick.  To make the cards even more durable, you could laminate them.

I made three bags total, each with a different variety of items to find.

With any luck, these bags will keep my kids occupied (and quiet!) during our Easter church service.
(fabric from Riley Blake's Wheels and Summer Song collections)Thanks for subscribing!I-Spy Bags

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