explorer vests!

Thanks to all who entered Tuesday's giveaway!  I am really enjoying reading through everyone's crafting memories.  It is so hard to narrow down favorites, but I'll choose my top five over the weekend and post the winners on Monday.

This week I've kept busy sewing birthday presents for Oscar's friends.  He is in a playgroup with kids that have birthdays all within about a month and a half of each other.  It is wonderful, but makes for an extremely busy birthday party season!

Oscar has two little friends who are especially adventurous and love the outdoors.  I knew the Explorer Vest from the book Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew would be just perfect for them. 

I made the first (khaki colored) vest with the simpler flat pockets, but couldn't resist adding the pocket bellows the second time around.  I used the lining fabric, so the bellows would really stand out.  It was fun to add bright touches in hidden places, too.  Hello, colorful pocket flaps!  Sewing for boys does not have to be boring.

I think my favorite part is the giant back pocket.   Not sure how easily a toddler will get his treasures back there, but I'm sure it will be entertaining to watch him try.  :)

Oscar keeps asking when I'll make him an explorer vest (he wants the accompanying bug-catcher box), so I'm sure you'll see more versions in the future!Thanks for subscribing!explorer vests!

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