doll/bear carrier

Here's my latest project selection from the Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew book:

the bear carrier!   I'm telling you, this book is gold when it comes to making handmade gifts for children.  Every project is a big hit (I've also made several explorer vests and the red riding hood cape). 

This carrier was for another one of Oscar's friends, but we tried it on his favorite bear to get the straps sized properly.  He was ecstatic - hands free bear travel?  Life doesn't get much better.   "Let's try glow turtle next!" he says.

Can you imagine the tears when I had to package it up for the birthday party?  Oh, man, was Oscar mad.  I promised to make a special one just for him, which means Ruby will probably need one, too.   My to-do list never stops growing.Thanks for subscribing!doll/bear carrier

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