Cupcake Wood Shape

Cupcake Wood Shape
Created by OMC Designer Lindsey

Supplies Used:
Wood Designs : Cupcake
Martha Stewart : Acrylic Craft Paint
Patterned Paper
Flower Embellishments
Jewel Embellishments


1. Paint the top of the wood shape with the color of frosting that you want for the cupcake.
2. Paint the bottom portion of the wood shape with the color that you want for the bottom of the cupcake.

3. Once the paint is dry, spray the frosting portion of the cupcake with spray adhesive and sprinkle the wet glue with glitter.

4. For the wrapper, fan fold your chosen piece of patterned paper. Once finished, cut the patterned paper to wrap around the cupcake like a wrapper.

5. Use the embellishments to act as the sprinkles for the top of the cupcake.

Happy crafting!
Cupcake Wood Shape

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