Happy new year!
I have not done any sewing or crafting since Christmas, but I wanted to stop by and say hi.  Want to see what Christmas Eve looks like in Santa Barbara?

I know.  Life is rough, right?   On Christmas Eve, we headed out to the local butterfly preserve to see the monarchs that migrate here every winter.  This year was the most impressive display I've seen yet.

Do you see the big brown clumps hanging from the trees below?  Those are butterfly clusters!

The pictures really don't do this place justice.  On cold days, the butterflies stay in their clusters for warmth, but on warm days (like the day we went), they break free.  Walking through the eucylyptus grove with thousands of butterflies flying above you is nothing short of spectacular.   This year they estimated about 40,000 monarchs in the preserve.

I took a little video, but you'll have to ignore the running commentary of the people around me.  :)

Oscar and Ruby loved the butterflies.  I don't think they really understood the clusters, but there were plenty of butterflies to watch fluttering by.

I hope you all had a merry Christmas, and that the new year is a very happy one!

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