apron in an hour

Next month, the woman's organization at my church is having a retro-homemaking themed evening of activities.  Among the classes, I am leading a sewing class to make an easy apron.  These are my test runs ...

We are using the Apron in an Hour tutorial by Stop Staring and ... Start Sewing.  True to its name, it really only takes about an hour and is so cute (love the long sash for a front bow!). 

These two aprons are made with quilting weight cotton, so they are more for looks than function.  I'm going to look for some heavier fabrics for the real aprons.

Speaking of fabric, I can't tell you how much I love this print.  It is called Spring Street by Carolyn Gavin

If you are looking for homemade gift ideas for this Christmas, this apron is a great place to start -   thanks, Jona, for the fun pattern!Thanks for subscribing!apron in an hour

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