kids helping hand towels

It's a new year. That means I can resolve to keep my house cleaner this year. To do that I really need the help of the little boys who contribute to many messes at my house! I heard of an idea to have the kids decorate their own hand towels to use when they clean up. This way when I want the table wiped off, or there is a spill, they can run right to their own towel and help me out.

This is an easy, cheap, fun activity to do with your kiddos. The supply list is simple as well. I found a big pack of towels on clearance at Target. All you need after that is crayons, newspaper, an iron, and ironing board (or use your counter top with several layers of towels for protection).

You can have your child use the crayons to decorate the towels however you like. I helped trace my boys' hands on the towels since I called them helping hand towels. Then I had each boy write his name so he would know which towel was his. Make sure you pick a dark enough color and press hard so the color is bold.

After you are finished coloring on the towels, place them face down onto a thick layer of newspapers. Using the cotton setting on your iron, apply some pressure and iron all over the towel for several minutes. Replace the newspapers since a layer of crayon will come off of the towel and then repeat. After this, you can wash and dry the towels and the crayon will stay!

I have noticed that it does fade over time, but my boys loved this activity so much that I won't mind making more in a few months! Best wishes for a clean home (and happy helpers) this year!

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