Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Looking for great Halloween costume ideas for 2 ?

These ideas should help spark your creativity whether the Halloween costumes are for a couple, a parent and child, or siblings. For even a better effect, switch rolls - woman dressed as the man typically would... If you have an idea that should be listed here, please submit it to be posted using this simple form! If you prefer to browse through couple costumes by category, check out this collection.

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Abbott and Costello
Adam and Eve - (compare prices)
Aladdin and Jasmine - (compare prices)
Angel and Devil - (compare prices devil) (compare prices angel) (make)
Ariel and Sebastian from Little Mermaid (shared by Jax)- (compare prices mermaid)
Austin Powers and Vanessa - (compare prices)
Autumn Leaves and Tree - (compare prices leaves) (compare prices tree) (make leaves) (make tree)

Baby Boy and Baby Girl - (compare prices) (make)
Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles - (compare prices on bamm-bamm) (compare prices on pebbles)
Barbie and Ken - (compare prices) (make barbie)
Barak and Michelle Obama (shared by Katie) - (compare prices)
Barney and Betty Rubble - (compare prices)

Batman and Catwoman - (compare prices batman) (compare prices catwoman) (make batman)
Beatnik Couple (shared by kking) - (compare prices) (make)
Beauty and The Beast - (compare prices)
Bee Keeper and Bee - (compare prices) (make bee)
Beavis and Butthead
Bert and Ernie (shared by Katie) - (compare prices bert) (compare prices ernie)
Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood - (compare prices red riding hood) (compare prices wolf) (make wolf)

Biker Couple - (compare prices) (make)
Bill and Hillary Clinton (shared by Katie) - (compare prices)
Black Eyed Peas (shared by Eric) - (compare prices) (make)
Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass (shared by Kat)
Bonnie and Clyde - (compare prices)
Boxer and Ring Girl - (compare prices boxer) (compare prices ring girl)
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (shared by Katie)
Brick Layer and Brick (shared by Trisha Conrad)
Bride and Groom - (compare prices bride) (compare prices groom)
Bud And Sissy from Urban Cowboy (shared by Zach) - (compare prices on cowboy) (compare prices on cowgirl)
Bug and a Can of Raid (shared by Lu) - (compare prices bug) (make bug) (make raid)
Burger King and The Dairy Queen - (compare prices king) (compare prices queen)
Bullfighter and Bull - (compare prices)
Butler and Maid - (compare prices butler) (compare prices maid)
Butterfly and Caterpillar - (compare prices butterfly) (compare prices caterpillar) (make butterfly)
Buzz Lightyear and Woody - (compare prices buzz) (compare prices woody)

Captain John Smith and Pocahontas - (compare prices pirate) (compare prices indian maiden) (make pirate)
Cardiac Arrest (shared by Michelle) - (compare prices on police) (compare prices heart) (make)
Carver and Victim from Nip Tuck (shared by Micah)
Cat and Fish - (compare prices cat) (compare prices fish) (make cat)
Cat and Hairball - (compare prices cat) (make cat) (make hairball)
Cat and Mouse - (compare prices cat) (compare prices mouse) (make cat)
Caveman and Cavewoman - (compare prices)
Cereal Killer and Victim - (make)
Charlie Brown and the Red-Haired Girl (shared by Mary) - (compare prices) (make)
Chef and Head on a Silver Platter - (compare prices) (make)
Christmas Tree and Gift - (compare prices) (make tree) (make gift)
Chucky and Chucky's Bride (shared by Mary) - (compare prices)
Claw Game and Stuffed Animal - (compare prices animals) (make claw game) (make animals)
Cleopatra and Julius Caesar (shared by Katie) - (compare prices cleopatra) (compare prices julius caesar)
Clothesline (shared by Annie) - (make)
Cookie and Glass of Milk - (compare prices)
Corpse and Widow - (compare prices on corpse)
Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents (shared by Angela)
Couch Potato and Grumpy Housewife - (make potato)
Couch Potato and Remote Control - (make potato)
Cowboy and Indian - (compare prices cowboy) (compare prices indian)
Crocodile Hunter and a Crocodile - (compare prices)

Danny and Sandy from Grease - (compare prices boy) (compare prices girl)
Delivery Man and Package - (compare prices)
Devil and Angel - (compare prices devil) (compare prices angel) (make)
Doctor Evil and Mini Me
Doctor and Death (shared by Tammy Smith)- (compare prices doctor) (compare prices death)
Doctor and Nurse - (compare prices doctor) (compare prices nurse)
Doctor and Patient - (compare prices doctor) (compare prices patient)
Dog and Beth the Bounty Hunters - (compare prices)
Dog and Owner (shared by niapeas) - (compare prices) (make)
Dog and Fire Hydrant - (compare prices) (make)
Donald and Daisy Duck(compare prices)
Donkey and Elephant - (compare prices donkey) (compare prices elephant) (make elephant)
Dora the Explorer and Diego (shared by buc5win) - (compare prices)
Dragon and Damsel in Distress - (compare prices dragon) (compare prices damsel) (make dragon) (make princess)
Dragon and Knight - (compare prices dragon) (compare prices knight) (make dragon)
Dragon and Unicorn - (compare prices dragon) (compare prices unicorn) (make dragon) (make unicorn)
Drew Carey and Mimi Johnson (shared by Crisha)
Dudley Doright and Nell

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan from Twilight (shared by Katie) - (compare prices)
Elvis and Priscilla Presley (shared by Katie) - (compare prices)
Exterminator and Mouse (shared by kking) - (compare prices)

Farmer and a Farm Animal - (compare prices farmer) (compare prices animals) (make animals)
Father Time and Mother Nature - (compare prices mother nature) (make mother nature)
Fireman and Dalmatian - (compare prices fireman) (compare prices dalmation) (make dalmation)
Fisherman and Fish - (compare prices fisherman) (compare prices fish)
Fisherman and Mermaid - (compare prices fisherman) (compare prices mermaid)
Flint Lockwood and Sam Sparks (shared by Jenna) - (make)
Flower and Bee (shared by hhqueenie) - (compare prices flower) (compare prices bee) (make flower) (make bee)
Fly and Fly Swatter (shared by Aimee) - (compare prices)
Fly and Sticky Fly Trap - (compare prices) (make fly trap)
Football Player and Cheerleader - (compare prices football player) (compare prices football cheerleader)
Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein - (compare prices) (make)
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers
Fred and Wilma Flintstone - (compare prices fred) (compare prices wilma)

Gangster and Flapper - (compare prices gangster) (compare prices flapper)
Garbage Bag Pregnancy (shared by Jayne) - (make)
Ghost Prom Couple - (make)
Ghostbuster and Ghost (shared by kking) - (compare prices ghostbuster) (compare prices ghost) (make ghostbuster) (make ghost)
G.I. Joe and G.I. Jane (shared by Sarah) - (compare prices)
Gilligan and Mary Ann - (compare prices)
Goldilocks and a Bear - (compare prices goldilocks) (compare prices bear)
Gomez and Morticia Addams - (compare prices)
Good Witch and Bad Witch from Wizard of Oz (shared by Lucy) - (compare prices) (make)
Greek God and Goddess (shared by Tammy) - (compare prices) (make)
Green Eggs and Ham - (compare prices egg) (compare prices pig) (make egg) (make pig)

Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling (shared by Tabitha) - (compare prices)
Hans Solo and Princess Leia - (compare prices hans solo) (compare prices princess leia)
Hansel and Gretel - (compare prices hansel) (compare prices gretel)
Hawaiian Punch Costume (shared by jkeeton44) - (compare prices hawaiian) (compare prices boxer) (make)
Hercules and Zena - (compare prices hercules) (compare prices zena)
Hershey's Kiss and Hug
High School Musical Characters (shared by Katie) - (compare prices)
Hillbilly Couple - (compare prices) (make)
Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak (shared by Katie)
Homer and Marge Simpson (shared by Katie) - (compare prices)
Hula Dancer and Drummer - (compare prices) (make)
Hunchback of Notre Dame and Esmeralda - (compare prices hunchback) (compare prices esmeralda)
Hunter and Buck (shared by Lisette) - (compare prices)

Jack and Jill
Jack and Rose from Titanic (shared by Katie)
Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas (shared by kking) - (compare prices)
Jacob Black and Bella Swan from Twilight (shared by Katie) - (compare prices)
Jane and George Jetson (shared by kking) - (compare prices)
Jeannie and Major Nelson - (compare prices jeannie) (compare prices astronaut)
J.F.K. and Jackie O. (shared by Katie)
Jim and Pam from The Office (shared by Sara)
Joe Dirt and Brandy (shared by Leisa) - (compare prices)
Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash (shared by Katie)
Jolly Green Giant and Sprout (shared by Wendy) - (compare prices)

Kermit and Miss Piggy - (compare prices kermit) (compare prices miss piggy)
Ketchup and Mustard - (compare prices ketchup) (compare prices mustard)
King and Queen - (compare prices king) (compare prices queen)
King Kong and Fay Wray - (compare prices)
King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo (shared by Jacquelyn) - (compare prices king leonidas) (compare prices queen gorgo)
Kurt Kobain and Courtney Love (shared by Jovana)

Labyrinth Characters (shared by Nikki Thurman)
Lassie and Timmy - (make)
Laundry Basket and Static Cling - (make laundry basket) (make static cling)
Laurel and Hardy
Lawyer and Car Accident Victim - (make)
Lifeguard and Swimmer (shared by Stacey Skorupski)
Lion and Lamb - (compare prices lion) (compare prices lamb)
Lion Tamer and Lion - (compare prices lion)
Little Bo Peep and One of Her Sheep - (compare prices bo peep) (compare prices lamb) (make bo peep)
Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks (shared by Katie) - (compare prices)
Lone Ranger and Tonto
Love Birds (shared by kking) - (compare prices) (make)
Lucy and Ricky Ricardo - (compare prices)

M and Ms Candy - (compare prices)
Mac and PC (shared by tinadra1)
Macaroni and Cheese
Mad Hatter and Alice In Wonderland - (compare prices)
Magician and Bunny - (compare prices magician) (compare prices bunny) (make magician) (make bunny)
Man and Mail-Order Bride (shared by Katie)
Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio (shared by Katie) - (compare prices marilyn) (compare prices baseball)
Marilyn Monroe and John f. Kennedy (shared by Katie) - (compare prices)
Mario and Luigi - (compare prices) (make)
Maytag Repairman and Washing Machine
Me and My Shadow (shared by kking)
Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley (shared by katie) - (compare prices)
Mickey and Minnie Mouse - (compare prices)
Milo and Otis (shared by Katie) - (compare prices cat) (make cat) (compare prices) (make)
Miss America and Nerd - (compare prices nerd) (make miss america) (make nerd)
Monkey and Banana - (compare prices monkey) (compare prices banana)
Mork and Mindy (shared by Tori) - (compare prices)
Mouse and Cheese - (compare prices mouse) (compare prices cheese)
Movie Star and Producer (shared by Anisa)
Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head - (compare prices) (make)
Mummy Bride and Groom - (compare prices) (make)

Napolean Dynamite and Deb (shared by Andrea) - (compare prices)
Night and Day (shared by Ms. Shawn) - (make)

Obama and McCain (shared by Amanda) - (compare prices Obama) (compare prices McCain)
Oreo Cookie Couples Costume (shared by Dapper Dan) - (make)
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - (compare prices)

Pac-Man and Ghost (shared by Alex)
Pair of Blue Jeans - (make)
Pair of Dice - (make)
Pair of Eyeballs - (make)
Peace (hippie) And Quiet (mime) (shared by Ben) - (compare prices hippie) (compare prices mime) (make hippie)
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Peter and Lois Griffin from Family Guy (shared by Bridget) - (compare prices)
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell - (compare prices peter pan) (compare prices tinkerbell) (make fairy)
Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater and a Pumpkin (shared by Allie) - (compare prices pumpkin) (make peter) (make pumpkin)
Phantom of the Opera and Christine (shared by Heikki Mustonen) - (compare prices)
Pirate and Parrot - (compare prices pirate) (compare prices parrot) (make pirate) (make parrot)
Pizza and Beer (shared by Maureen and Michael) - (compare prices beer) (compare prices pizza) (make pizza)
Plug and Socket (shared by Sammy) - (compare prices)
Plumber and Toilet - (compare prices)
Police Officer and Convict - (compare prices police officer) (compare prices convict)
Popeye and Olive Oil - (compare prices)
Priest and Nun - (compare prices priest) (compare prices nun)
Prince and Princess - (compare prices prince) (compare prices princess) (make princess)
Prince Charming and Cinderella - (compare prices prince charming) (compare prices cinderella) (make princess)
Princess and a Frog - (compare prices princess) (compare prices frog) (make princess) (make frog)
Princess and the Pea - (compare prices princess) (compare prices pea) (make princess)
Princess Zelda and Link (shared by Jonathan)
Prisoner and Ball and Chain (shared by Marc) - (compare prices prisoner) (make)

Queen of Hearts and Joker - (compare prices queen) (compare prices joker) (make)

Rabbit and Carrot - (compare prices rabbit) (compare prices carrot) (make rabbit)
Raggedy Ann and Andy - (compare prices)
Rapunzel and the Prince - (compare prices rapunzel) (compare prices prince)
Redneck Couple (shared by kking) - (compare prices) (make)
Refrigerator and Refrigerator Magnet - (make)
Regis and Kelly
Retired Victoria Secret Model and Photographer (shared by Mary Hull) - (make)
Road, and Road Kill - (make road) (make road kill)

Robin Hood and Maid Marian - (compare prices robin hood) (compare prices maid marion)
Robinson Crusoe and Friday
Rocky and Bullwinkle - (compare prices squirrel) (compare prices moose) (make moose)
Romeo and Juliet - (compare prices juliet)

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask (shared by Libby)
Salt and Pepper
Sam Adams and St. Paulie Girl (shared by kking)
Santa and Mrs. Claus - (compare prices)
Scarecrow and Dorothy - (compare prices) (make)
Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler - (compare prices scarlett) (compare prices rhett)
Scooby Doo and one of the Mystery Gang - (compare prices) (make)
Shark and Shark Attack Victim - (compare prices) (make)
Sheik and Harem Girl - (compare prices sheik) (compare prices harem)
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson - (compare prices)
Shrek and Fiona - (compare prices) (make)
Siamese Twins
Smartie and Dum-Dum Candy (shared by Kkjones) - (make)
Snow White and a Dwarf - (compare prices snow white) (compare prices dwarf)
Sonny and Cher - (compare prices sonny) (compare prices cher)
Software Pirate and World Wide Web - (make software pirate) (make world wide web)
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Spider and Spider Web - (compare prices spider) (make spider) (make spider web)
SpongeBob and Sandy the Squirrel - (compare prices spongebob) (compare prices squirrel) (make spongebob)
Square Dance Couple (shared by kking)
Squirrel and a Nut (shared by Lisette) - (compare prices squirrel) (compare prices peanut)
Starsky and Hutch
Stepford Wife and Husband
Stock Market and Stock Broker (shared by Rai)
Superman and Lois Lane (shared by Katie) - (compare prices superman) (make superman)
Superman and Wonder Woman - (compare prices superman) (compare prices wonder woman) (make superman)
Sylvester Cat and Tweety Bird - (compare prices sylvester) (compare prices tweety)

Tarzan and Jane
Taylor Swift and Kayne West (shared by Shanna Phillips)
Thing 1 and Thing 2 (shared by Wendy) - (compare prices)
Tooth Fairy and Tooth (shared by angelash831) - (compare prices fairy )
Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Toothbrush and Bottle of Listerine (shared by Jodie)
Tortoise and Hare - (compare prices tortoise) (compare prices hare) (make hare)
Traffic Light and Speed Bump - (compare prices traffic light) (make traffic light) (make speed bump)
TweedleDee and TweedleDum - (compare prices)

Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty - (compare prices uncle sam) (compare prices liberty) (make)
Upper and Lower G.I. - (make)

Vampire and Victim - (compare prices) (make)
Ventriloquist and Dummy - (compare prices)
Venus and Serena Williams (shared by Katie)

Wall-E and Eve - (compare prices) (make)
Wayne and Garth (shared by Katie)
W.C. Fields and Mae West
Weatherman and 'Chance of Rain' - (make)
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown (shared by Katie)
Wilbur and Orville Wright
Willy Wonka and a Golden Ticket (shared by JJ) - (compare prices willy )
Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa (shared by Tori) - (compare prices willy ) (compare prices oompa loompa) (make oompa loompa)
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger - (compare prices) (make)
Winter and Summer
Witch Doctor and Head Hunter (shared by Bumblebee)

Zookeeper and Animal - (compare prices zookeeper) (compare prices animals) (make animals)

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